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Dr. Seuss / Ted Geisel Marcus Pierson Tom Everhart

Dr. Seuss / Ted Geisel Dr. Seuss

Markus Pierson Markus Pierson

Tom Everhart Tom Everhart

Eric Christensen Harold Braul Thomas Arvid

Eric Christensen Eric Christensen

Harold Braul Harold Braul

Thomas Arvid Thomas Arvid

Napoleoni Will Bullas Grace Slick

Fabio Napoleoni Fabio Napoleoni

Will BullasWill Bullas

Grace Slick Grace Slick

Eric Waugh Jann Harrison Thad Markham

Eric Waugh Eric Waugh

Jann Harrison Jann Harrison

Thad Markham Thad Markham

Chuck Jones Stephen Holland Rupert Fawcett

Chuck Jones Chuck Jones

Stephen Holland Stephen Holland

Rupert Fawcett Rupert Fawcett

Riki Nelson Harry Motro Janis Joplin

Riki Nelson Riki Nelson

Harry Motro Harry Motro

Janis Joplin Janis Joplin

Gloriamari Prado Tim Rogerson Christopher M.

Tim Rogerson Gloriamari Prado

Tim Rogerson Tim Rogerson

Christopher M. Christopher M.

Michael Flohr Jillian Ring Ronnie Wood

Michael Flohr Michael Flohr

Jillian Ring Jillian Ring

Ronnie WoodRonnie Wood

James Coleman Mackenzie Thorpe

James Coleman James Coleman

Mackenzie Thorpe Mackenzie Thorpe

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New Artist at Peabody - Fabio Napoleoni
Providing custom picture frames to the Menlo Park, Atherton, Portola Valley, Woodside, Palo Alto and Redwood City areas for over 20 years
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Mini Bio's

John Alvin:

    Beautiful recreations of Disney characters and scenes. (Limited editions)     (Full Bio Here)

Thomas Arvid:

    Still life compositions of wine and the rituals surrounding it. Arvid astounds viewers with the intricate details of his images and with his mastery of light, depth and reflection.     (Full Bio Here)

Toby Bluth:

    Beautiful recreations of Disney characters and scenes. (Limited editions)     (Full Bio Here)

Harold Braul:

    Impressionistic scenes of action and anticipation (Originals on canvas)     (Full Bio Here)

Tricia Buchanan-Benson:

    Nostalgic and imaginative portrayal of Disney characters and movies in a French vintage poster style (limited edition giclee on canvas)     (Full Bio Here)

Will Bullas:

    Will Bullas makes fine art fun. This master of one-liners combines award winning artistic skills with a hilarious point of view, creating a refreshing and unexpected new way to enjoy fine art. (limited editons on pigment-infused metal and on paper)     (Full Bio Here)

Trevor Carlton:

    Nostalgic Disney characters, originally painted on wood for a classic, vintage feel (limited edition giclee on canvas)     (Full Bio Here)

Eric Christensen:

    Images of wine country lifestyle painted using a unique hyperrealistic watercolor technique (limited edition giclee on canvas & originals on paper)     (Full Bio Here)

James Coleman:

    Etherial landscapes of exotic and enchanting scenes. James is also a Disney Fine Art artist (limited editions on canvas and paper)     (Full Bio Here)

Dick Duerrstein:

    Beautiful recreations of Disney characters and scenes (limited edition giclee on canvas)     (Full Bio Here)

Harrison Ellenshaw:

    Co-artist with his father Peter Ellenshaw (below), Harrison carries on the Ellenshaw name and style with his own breathtaking landscapes (limited editions on canvas)     (Full Bio Here)

Peter Ellenshaw:

    Breathtaking landscapes populated by cherished Disney characters, painted by an Academy Award-winning artist and animator of such characters as Cinderella, Mary Poppins, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, and more (limited editions on canvas)     (Full Bio Here)

Tom Everhart:

    Snoopy, Woodstock, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, and Peppermint Pattie, by the only artist permitted to artistically render the classic Peanuts characters of Charles Schultz in his own signature style (original acrylics on paper and limited edition lithograph on paper)     (Full Bio Here)

Michael Flohr:

    'Urban Painter' Michael Flohr captures scenes of city life with his work, the work succeeds in imparting to the viewer the ‘feel’ and the ‘rhythm’ of the city. (embellished limited editions on canvas)     (Full Bio Here)

Jann Harrison:

    Creator of the classy frog 'Francois',his illegitimate twin brother and their ongoing high-life exploits. (Limited edition giclee's on canvas)     (Full Bio Here)

Manuel Hernandez:

    Beautiful recreations of Disney characters and scenes. (Limited editions)     (Full Bio Here)

Stephen Holland:

    From Ali to Yogi, from Bogart to Brando, from Eastwood to Evel Knievel, Holland is the master of painting the “tough guys” of sports and celebrity. (Originals and Limited editions)     (Full Bio Here)

Chuck Jones:

    The artistic icon of all the classic Warner Brother's cartoon characters, like Bugs Bunny, the Road Runner, Porky Pig, etc. (Limited editions)     (Full Bio Here)

Janis Joplin:

    Now, close to 40 years since her untimely death, her music and persona still top the charts. Like many extremely talented people, Janis was proficient in other fields as well as singing and performing. (Limited editions)     (Full Bio Here)

Mike Kupka:

    Disney with his own unique fine art style. (Limited editions on canvas)     (Full Bio Here)

Allison Lefcort:

    Disney artist of bold colorful creations. (Serigraph on canvas)     (Full Bio Here)

Matt Lively:

    A whimsical and vibrant world where bees ride bikes - "beecycles"! - and a dog named "Doug" wear shoes (original oils on canvas and paper; limited edition serigraphs)     (Full Bio Here)

Christopher M. :

    These expressive, realist paintings remind us that artistic talent fused with good old-fashioned values never goes out of style. Creativity, beauty, integrity and hard work are constant companions to this artist’s paint and canvas. (embellished limited editions on canvas)     (Full Bio Here)

Patrick McDonnell:

    Patrick McDonnell and "MUTTS" are winners of the National Cartoonists Society's Reuben Award for “Cartoonist of the Year” (a lifetime achievement), four Harvey awards for “Best Syndicated Strip or Panel”, and multiple Genesis Awards, now presented by The Humane Society of the United States, for ongoing commitment and outstanding work on behalf of animal welfare issues. (lithographs on paper)     (Full Bio Here)

Harry Motro:

    Harry’s goal in life is to make meaningful connections to other people through his work. His artistic focus is positive and spiritual, reflecting who he is as a person. The desire of his heart is to pass that on to others. (limited edition bronze sculptures)     (Full Bio Here)

Riki Nelson:

    Intensely observed paintings done from life, offering personal insights into local communities (original oils on canvas and limited edition giclees on canvas)     (Full Bio Here)

Markus Pierson:

    The now world-famous Coyote series inspires the reckless dreamer in all of us (limited edition serigraphs on paper and canvas and hand-painted cold cast resin sculptures)     (Full Bio Here)

Stephen Reis:

    Creator of bold Disney images and collaborator with Trevor Carlton on action artwork. (Limited editions on canvas)     (Full Bio Here)

Tim Rogerson:

    Sophisticated caricatures of chefs and jazz musicians by an artist also well-known for his images of Disney's Fabulous Five (embellished giclee' limited editions on canvas)     (Full Bio Here)

John Rowe:

    Beautiful recreations of Disney characters and scenes. (Limited editions)     (Full Bio Here)

Jim Salvati:

    Beautiful recreations of Disney characters and scenes. (Limited editions on canvas)     (Full Bio Here)

Dr. Seuss:

    The Cat in the Hat, the Grinch, the Lorax, and Horton from Ted Geisel's imaginative book illustrations, as well as work from The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss, painted and sculpted for his own pleasure through the 20th century (limited edition serigraphs on canvas, lithographs on paper, and cold cast resin sculptures)     (Full Bio Here)

Grace Slick:

    Amazing images by the Jefferson Airplane/Starship rock star. (originals and limited edition giclees on paper)     (Full Bio Here)

Mackenzie Thorpe:

    Beloved artist of hope, love, and joy, conveying the wonder of childhood with simple yet powerful iconic imagery (limited edition serigraphs on canvas, lithographs on paper, and cold cast resin sculptures)     (Full Bio Here)

Jim Warren:

    Disney artist creating unique juxtapositions. (Limited editions on canvas)     (Full Bio Here)

Ronnie Wood:

    Rock and roll icon with the Rolling Stones, Ronnie Wood is also a trained and accomplished professional artist, combining his natural artistic talents with his unique experiences and associations. (Limited editions on paper & canvas)     (Full Bio Here)


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